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Attention to detail: This is our motto.
Whatever we do, however light or heavy the work is, we do the best we can; and then some!
Our work is characterised by our passion to deliver the best possible professional service at the lowest possible cost.

Procedures have been set and closely followed by our crew no matter what the work at hand is.
Check lists we go through every time your car is trusted in us include the condition of the lights, wipers, tires, brakes, suspension, steering wheel, linkages, engine, gearbox, exhaust pipes, etc.
Advice is then given to you accordingly with your safety our top priority in mind.
We also keep a complete digital record of the work we do on your car so that both we and you, have a detailed history of your car’s maintenance and condition.

Oil Service

Sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee in our cosy atmosphere while we proceed with the necessary work on your car. High quality lubricants from AC Delco are used throughout. We will make sure that your car passes all our strict control check lists. You will be informed of anything out of the ordinary and be made aware of the exact condition of your car.

Car Batteries

Never miss a cold start! For an extended, long-lasting and reliable battery performance we recommend High Quality batteries from AC Delco. These batteries come with a full 2-year warranty for your piece of mind.

M.O.T. Setup

We go through your car, scrutinizing every detail, making sure that your car will pass all M.O.T inspections with flying colours! We can even pick up your car from your preferred location and have it delivered back to you while we are at it! We only use trusted, specialized M.O.T centres for ultimate quality assurance.

Car Diagnostics

We possess and use Car Diagnostic tolls of the very latest technology. We are thus able to proceed with a full diagnosis of any given Car with accuracy and professionalism. You’ll be receiving a detailed and precise report of your car’s condition as well as a report in regards to the necessary work that needs to be done in case there is an issue.

Air conditioning

We are able to proceed with a full diagnosis of your Car’s Air Conditioning system, including Fan operation, Air Filter & Air Ducts condition, Electrical / Electronic operation as well as Refrigerant gas pressure. We’ll make sure that your Car’s entire Air Conditioning system is in tip-top condition.

Key coding

In case you run into trouble with your electronic car key, or if you simply need another copy, we have the necessary tools and experience to help you.

ECU coding

We programme and encode with precision, all types of electronic control units such as for the engine, gearbox and others, according to factory guidelines and data.

Tyres & Steering Alignment

Should you need new tyres and / or steering alignment, we are here for you! You will be offered with a variety of tyres to choose from and we will make sure that – based on your selection – your Car performs exactly as its manufacturer intended to.

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